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Finally, managed to lay my hands on this software. It’s interesting, or so it struck me after I saw it being played with.

Victor Paul, Ph.D, Country Director of the Education Development Center (EDC) in Bangalore, India, wrote in to say: “It was a great pleasure to meet you and discuss briefly about EDC and our T4 project activities during the Quest symposium venue at Bangalore. EDC staff will give you some of our educational CDs (Group teaching & learning software) and another CD cum brochure containing all details about our products and programmes for your information. Please let me have your feedback on them.

Some details of their work from here:

The dot-EDU India Technology Tools for Teaching and Training (T4) project has over 558 technology products designed to enhance student learning in Grades 1-5, complemented by extensive teacher training and monitoring. Locally developed and in audio, video or software formats, these products bring innovative teaching and learning practices to nearly 22 million students in more than 251,673 schools.

Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) Radio has been a tremendous resource for promoting improved teaching and learning practices at the primary level in Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Working closely with the State governments, EDC develops interactive radio programs in a variety of subjects based on the curriculum and targeting the needs defined by teachers themselves. EDC’s Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) lessons engage students through local stories, songs and physical activities, while supporting teachers in developing student-centered teaching skills.

IRI for English (Hindi, English): “Learning English is Fun” Tulsi, Siyan, Raju, Chanda and Mithu – the radio characters in the “Learning English is Fun” series – are helping over 14 million students and teachers in primary classes learn English. The two levels of this IRI series for English as a Second Language reach Grades 1-3 multi-grade students and teachers in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.

Math, Science, Social Studies (Kannada): “Chukki Chinna” & “Chinnari Chukki” Akka, Sonu, Putti, Achu, Punchrangi and Manu (radio characters) are helping almost 6 million students and teachers in Grades 1-5 across Karnataka learn Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Kannada and English. Based on ‘hard spots’ identified by Karnataka teachers, trainers and the State Government, both of these IRI series help teachers to more effectively teach difficult content in the five subject areas.

Math, Science, Social Studies (Hindi): “Jhil Mil”

“Jhil Mil” is an adaptation of the “Chukki Chinna” IRI series from Kannada to Hindi. Expanding the reach to students in Hindi speaking states, Didi, Bablu, Raju, Munni, Udan Goda and Mattu (the radio characters) help nearly 2 million students and teachers in multi-grade 3rd to 5th classes learn Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi, and English.

Educational Videos EDC’s educational video programs guide and model project-based learning approaches that support students and teachers in difficult-to-teach content areas in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Students are encouraged to form opinions and test hypotheses by engaging in innovative and interactive group projects modeled through the video and facilitated by the classroom teacher using locally available resources. Over 960,000 4th and 5th multi-grade students are reached through 40 videos telecast on the Government of India’s EDUSAT satellite.

Group Teaching & Learning (GTL) Multimedia Software The GTL software brings teachers and students together to conduct interactive activities around a single computer. The software allows students to focus on difficult science concepts in greater depth by providing over 10 hours of games and group activities. Students explore various science topics through a rich combination of learning resources for use both on and off the computer – from songs, to IRI programs, lesson plans, videos and quizzes. Current GTL titles include: “Animal Discovery”, “Ecosystems and Habitats”, “Sanitation and Hygiene Learning Game”, & “What is Disease?”

Digital Library (DL) Hosted by the National Informatics Center (NIC) Karnataka, the DL is an on-line searchable catalog of learning materials in audio, video and print formats. The DL allows teachers to access all dot-EDU India T4 learning materials as well as those produced by government and private/public sector providers. Resources are available in English, Kannada, Tamil, Telegu and Oriya languages. The DL helps ensure that educational materials developed by international and national organizations and donors remain widely accessible.

Contacts for the EDC: #42, 39th Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar.P.O, Bangalore-70, Karnataka, India. Ph.No. +918022449244 /45, Fax: +918022449247.

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